Production Services

When Just Happened build teams around productions that scale according to project needs. From 1-2 person projects through to large scale collaborations and partnerships with other companies to deliver exactly what’s required.

Creative and Strategy

Often with direct to client work a level of creative development is needed. Work that is traditionally handled by agencies often can be delivered by a much smaller and more agile team to create the direction for projects that clients require.


Treatment and script writing along with the logistical and budgeting side of pre-production go hand-in-hand and is the standard entry point to a project.


The act of filmmaking itself. It’s what we love doing and what we believe we are best at.

Post Production

Taking content, editing and finishing are the traditional end goals to a production. In some instances, we are brought in solely to edit and deliver projects.

Service Company

We also work with international production companies looking to produce in the UK who are in need of local expertise and infrastructure.

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